Experience the Wild Cave Tour!

This special tour is made for organized groups such as the Scouts, schools, camps, churches, etc. Those who participate in the tour are treated to a regular cavern tour as well as an exciting tour into the undeveloped cave rooms where one crawls through cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies. On this tour, guides point out many striking formations such as anthodites (cave flowers), which are so rare that the Lost Sea contains 50% of the world’s known formations. Also, visitors view rooms where ancient jaguar roamed, moonshine was made, and saltpeter was mined for gunpowder by Confederate soldiers.

Exploring the Lost Sea will prove to be fun and educational and will not be forgotten for years to come. There is a minimum of 12 people per group.

General Information


The tour begins promptly at 6:30 EST. It is very important that your group check in by 6:00 p.m.  Because the overnight cave trip is an excursion, you should think about the safety of your group and make sure to have enough adult chaperones. We try to take every precaution to see that the experience is a safe one, but your cooperation is required. Following our rules and regulations is essential to assuring a safe trip. Bumped heads and dirty faces are inevitable, but the results will be educational and lots of fun.You must make your reservation for this tour at least two weeks in advance.

Size of Group
This coed experience requires twelve (12) participants. If you wish to bring less than 12, you must pay for 12 and there must be at least one adult for each 12 party members. Charges are the same for all participants.

What to Wear?
The temperature in the cave is a constant 58 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are moving you won’t get cold, but while at the campsite a light jacket is advisable. Long pants, a warm, long-sleeved shirt and old shoes are ideal. You will get muddy, so be sure to bring a change of clothes.  Long pants are required for this tour – no shorts.

What Equipment to Bring?
First of all, a good flashlight with extra batteries is required for each participant. Bringing your own drinking water is necessary since we do not have drinking water available in the cave. You will need a sleeping bag, ground cloth or mattress for sleeping. The cave is not a motel, as everything is relatively primitive inside. We do not have showers or wash basins (it is a good idea to bring wet wipes). Plan on being dirty until you leave the cave. We do have a toilet, however. You are responsible for your dirty clothes, so please do not leave them in the cave.

What Not to Bring
Do not bring excess baggage, as it is hard to carry into the cave. You will be going through the natural entrance and down over 100 steps to the campsite. Tents are not allowed inside the cave.

A special patch has been made for those who participate in the overnight cave adventure. The patch will be sold for $6.00 each to those who take this tour.

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