Bring Your Group!

Groups and Motorcoaches:


For groups of 25 or more we offer a special group discount. You must make prior reservations for this discount at least two weeks in advance.  School buses and motor coaches are allowed to unload in front of the main entrance building where the tours begins.  The tour lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Ample parking is available for these vehicles nearby.

Group Rate
Rates for groups of 25 or more:
Adult $25.95
Children ages 4-12 $15.00



For school groups the Lost Sea Adventure offers a highly educational tour. Along with the fun of the cavern and boat ride we focus on the historical and geological standpoints of the cave. We have teacher information packets available to help the teachers prepare their students for what they will see in the cave. This tour lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Advance reservations are required for this tour.

Educational Rate
Rates for groups of 15 or more:
Children K-12th Grade $14.00
Adult $23.95

Flashlight Tour:

Along with the educational tour we offer an extended tour. These rates apply to groups of 25 or more. Reservations are required. Complimentary admission to bus drivers or tour escorts. Along with the boat ride and cavern tour you will experience one undeveloped section of the cave. This adds quite a bit of excitement to the tour. This tour lasts approximately one hour and thirty five minutes.

Flashlight Rate
Flashlight Rate
Rates for group of 25 or more with a reservation
Adult $26.95
Children 3-12 $16.00

Flashlight Educational Rate (This rate applies to school groups)
Adult $24.50
Students K-12th grade $14.50