Your Lost Sea adventure begins with a guided tour of the caverns. This involves a ¾ mile round-trip walk on wide sloping pathways. The pathways can be very steep in places. While touring the caverns and underground lake your guide will tell you of the caverns’ exciting history, including how the cave was once used by The Cherokee Indians and how the Confederate soldiers mined the cave for saltpeter for the production of gun powder.  They will also explain the fascinating geological development of the immense cavern rooms and rare formations.


At the bottom of the cave you will have a boat ride on The Lost Sea, America’s Largest Underground Lake.  The lake covering more than 4 acres, is recognized by the U.S. Department of the interior as a Registered National Natural Landmark. This is due to the natural phenomenon of the lake as well as the abundance of a large collection of rare anthodites, more commonly known as “Cave Flowers”.

The lake is located 140 feet below the ground level, so coming up can be a hike. The tour lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The temperature remains a pleasant 58 degrees.

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Lost Sea
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